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A hardy hometown hello from all your friends from Crooms AoIT!

Community is a changing concept that has been immensely impacted by the advent of online communities. So what is community and how do we plan on continuing to be part of Crooms AoIT once our time has pasted at our alma mater?

Some define community as a group of people that regularly interact around shared experiences; others define it as individuals that come together to support a common cause; and still others define it as a group of individuals that have something in common. That's what the Crooms AoIT Community is all about: individuals that come together through past relations and experiences to promote a common interest. For most of us Crooms has served as the foundation for our adult lives. Regardless of when or how long you attended Crooms, our school provided us with direction into adulthood and allowed us to establish relations that can withstand the test of time. Reliving the past, reconnecting with our friends, and promoting the growth and development of other "Croomies" are all ideals that we stand for and what we are all about. Whether you are trying to find that old teammate, wondering if that one geek every hit it big, or just interested in what’s happening at Crooms AoIT now-a-days, our Community aims to provide you with the resources needed.

We have gathered some of the best human resources here at our new online community to help you reconnect with your roots. Here you can find class roosters and user lists from days past, find what community and business partnerships Crooms has formed, donate to the Alumni fund to help provide scholarships to current Crooms AoIT students, and find current news about Crooms happenings. You will also be able to post or find information about Crooms reunions and alumni events like Homecoming and graduations. With all these great benefits who wouldn’t want to be a Crooms Alumni member? Check out the registration button above and join the Alumni network with no strings attached. Already a member? Log in and started taking part in all the fun.

Remember, while all these online tools serve as great ways to interact with the Crooms AoIT Community, they are just that – tools. The true Community lies in you, in the relationships you have formed, and in the value and support we can provide to current and future "Croomies".

Welcome home to Crooms AoIT, where we are still rich in tradition, pride, and vision!

The Crooms Alumni Association Board of Directors

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