FCAT Results Being Released, Crooms AoIT Dominates!

Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) results are slowly being released and Crooms Academy of Information Technology is again proving it is top in class for another year in a row. So far, Crooms AoIT students have outperformed their fellow Seminole County high schools peers to demonstrate that Crooms AoIT offers one of the strongest academic programs in one of best school districts in Florida.

Here is how Crooms AoIT students are comparing so far to their fellow Seminole County high schools students:

  • Ranked #1 in 9th grade Reading
  • Most improved 9th grade Reading
  • Ranked #3 in 10th grade Reading
  • Ranked #1 in Algebra I End-of-Course Exams for all high schoolers
  • Ranked #3 in Geometry End-of-Course Exams for high schoolers
  • Ranked #1 in Biology End-of-Course Exams for 9th graders

Crooms AoIT students, faculty, staff, parents, and community partners should all be proud of these great results!

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