Alumni Association Provides $500 Grant to BPA Club for National Competition

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association today announced it is providing a $500 grant to the Crooms AoIT Business Professionals of America club. The grant will support the club's travel costs for national competition in May. This year's national competition is in Anaheim, California. At a cost of $1,200/student, it will cost over $25,000 this year to send the qualifying BPA team to national competition.

Class of 2006 graduate Micheal Morgan described supporting the BPA club's efforts as a "worthy cause" as he recalled his high school experiences with BPA national competition yet how financially difficult it can also be for some students to make the trip. Fellow Class of 2006 graduate, Frank C. Bracco, noted, "While our grant represents only a small portion of the club's costs, we do hope it makes a difference and encourages others to support BPA in the future."

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association's grant is funded completely by member donations. The Alumni Association has set up a special PayPal donation page for those that wish to earmark funds to support the BPA club in their efforts. You can visit that page at:

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