In-Kind Alumni donation helps raise 2x in additional funds for Crooms AoIT athletics

Here's another fabulous example of how our alumni's continued support of the Alumni Association allows us to support our current Croomies!

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association supported Crooms AoIT athletics by sponsoring insurance and the organization of volunteer fundraising efforts at a well known Central Florida sports venue in August 2021. Thanks to our alumni, the Alumni Association was able to offer in-kind sponsorship of $626.59 worth of insurance coverage for the fundraising event. This insurance coverage allowed for ~$1,800 in fundraising to be collected at the venue - a nearly 200% return on investment. The fundraising event would have not been possible without your support as third-party insurance is a pre-requisite for these fundraising effort.

Given the success of such a program, the Alumni Association is actively working with the School to explore other opportunities that can help leverage our alumni's generosity in more support for athletics. We look forward to announcing more successes like this in the future!

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