Crooms AoIT Alumni Association awards $1,000 scholarship

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association is proud to announce the recipient of the $1,000 Crooms AoIT Alumni Association Community Scholarship. The Association is pleased to announce the Class of 2023 recipient is Ashley H..

The Community Scholarship is meant to honor a student not only for academic and extracurricular achievement, but also for dedication to community service. This year, through the multi-scholarship application process, we had a record setting 53 applicants, all with different strengths: high GPAs, involvement in school activities, and community involvement. Ashley's application shined through this year given her localized impact and contributions to her Crooms AoIT community.

Ashley worked to revamp the Pasta for Pennies program to support a local Sanford institution: the Goldsboro Museum. The revitalized program raised $1,000 to support the Museum and made a difference in our Sanford community. Ashley also served as Crooms AoIT's Student Government representative at the county level, a PTSA student representative, and a Business Advisory Council (BAC) student representative.

Congratulations, and best of luck to Ashley, our other applicants, and the Class of 2023 as a whole in your future endeavors. Go Panthers!

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