Alumni Association awards Crooms AoIT Boys Basketball Team with $400 Coach Geoffry Alan Haines Athletics Grant

The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association, Inc. is proud to announce that it is providing this year’s Coach Geoffry Alan Haines Athletics Grant of $400 to the Crooms AoIT Boys Basketball Team. The grant will be used to support with the purchase of a basketball shooting machine for practice and off season workouts. The Alumni Association is excited to be able to support Panthers Athletics and the school with this type of long-term investment that will serve many Croomies now and into the future.

The money for this grant comes from a previously established Crooms AoIT Alumni Panther Walk athletics fund where alumni can purchase a brick with their name to be installed at our alma mater. Individuals interested in supporting the athletics grant program should consider purchasing a brick at

Separately, the Crooms AoIT Alumni Association has partnered with the Crooms AoIT Athletics Department to create a specialized donation page that now available on the menu bar of the Crooms AoIT athletics page.

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